Is This You?

You’re a woman in midlife, ready to accomplish the life calling you’ve kept on the back-burner.

High-achieving, soulful.

You’re financially successful, but feeling emotionally bankrupt.

At the edge of creating an opportunity you truly desire – ready to leap – but desperate to keep the plates in the air.

You’re a woman who notices what you won’t have if you never leap, and what’s missing since crisis hit.

You’re tired. You’re ready to feel fulfilled, and you’re ready to build a bridge to that fulfillment.

Our lives have a way of calling us to what they want to be. When we ignore the calling, when we focus all of our sacred potential on the lives we made ourselves fit into in order to achieve in high performance careers, we risk facing a wake up call that looks like crisis. You may be familiar with this already.

The wake up call. It’s the voice of your inner purpose that could no longer wait to be noticed. Your spirit’s evolution that needed attention at last.

Before the wake up, the call was quiet, even soundless. It was a nudge, pushing from behind the juggle of responsibilities you maintained in career and family success. It got louder in the form of longing and desire. Opportunities arose that looked delightful – and impossible – and left an impression until you noticed them again:

That business you could start on your own. With all the savvy you put into your career employment, you could be investing in the deep personal and business fulfillment as an entrepreneur…

That constantly springing creative reservoir you set aside when you started your current path. It’s reminding you that you’ve got a talent to give to the world, to feel a part of the world…

That curiosity that just keeps following you around, the one about travel or spirituality or deepening a relationship…

The nagging belief that you’re in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong relationships or the wrong community…there’s something to be discovered here…

This tug at your conscience is your sacred capital waiting to be tapped. Your soul wants to stretch into its ultimate purpose, to evolve itself and bring you with it.

It will keep trying to get your attention, this lovely soul inside of you. If its nudges have failed, you may be reading this from the other side of a crisis, your sacred desire finally coming into focus and waiting for action.

It happens frequently, crisis as a catalyst. The juggling plates drop. Time seems to stop. Inside the silence of a forced slow-down, the sacred voice gets louder.

You feel intensely what could be. You understand the familiarity, this tremor of longing that got tucked away because there was no time nor room for desire. Until now.

I help women acknowledge that tremor, hear the inner voice, listen to the authentic desire in it, and recognize you are right to experience it. I help women build the dream that seems impossible to build, but which is deeply important to your legacy, your peace of mind, your well being and your way, as a woman who gets things done, accomplishes, achieves.

Beneath your public skill and monetary success – or riding right there next to it after work hours – you are creative. Your relationships desire deepening. Your spirituality, while dimmer than you want it to be, has a pulse. Your connection to the things you value beyond work, status, and keeping on top of the game you’ve created, is waning. But you’re not sure how to strengthen that connection without losing much of what you already have.

Creating this connection is the act of transformation — transforming what feels lacking in your life into inner wealth.

Regardless of whether you’re listening to your inner voice, crises big and small will occur. But when you have built your inner wealth, your wealth of the self – when financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship, and creativity are all balanced, congruent and firing on the same cylinders – surprise events that pull at your attention no longer eclipse your well being. When you’re wealthy in self, you come back into balance quickly. You don’t get lost in crisis or slip back into single-focus on the one track to financial success you’ve been treading in exhaustion till now.

Monetary wealth was good for a while. Money has been wonderful to have. But the freedom you seek is no longer financial. The goal is a search for significance. You are ready to journey to uncover this wealth of the self, a rite of passage to your highest purpose and to a life that’s as unique as your fingerprint.

If your sacred success has yet to be tapped, you can transform the juggle. Turn it into your deepest joy. Turn it into fulfillment. Listen for where the voice of your purpose will lead and follow it.

Your soul is calling.

If your sacred success has yet to be tapped, you can transform the juggle. Turn it into your deepest joy. Turn it into fulfillment. Listen for where the voice of your purpose will lead you and follow it.

Not sure what that longing is? Find out. Start with what you know…

You are an accomplished human being. You have given, in service, in ambition. You achieve what you set out to achieve. Take a moment to find that inner voice that’s been tapping at your shoulder. What is it saying? What legacy is it asking you to achieve? To what desire will you build a bridge for this next stage of your life? Following the voice may be scary, or even out of the question. But what will you miss if you never try?

Apply your skills to your life’s transformation. Put them in the hands of a mentor who has been there in her own journey, and turned her life into the legacy she will leave behind her.

Does this sound like you?  

  • You are goal-driven. Adventurous.
  • You believe in self-development, but won’t grab a lifeline until you’re sure that what you’re grabbing is going to work better than what you are currently holding on to — which is everything.
  • You see opportunity to transform, but you’re stretched too thin to take it.
  • You feel like you are free falling.
  • You work yourself to exhaustion. And so, a little fun would appeal.
  • You’re ready to make your crisis an awakening. 
  • There’s a voice inside that keeps trying to work its way to the surface.
  • You’re the successful caretaker – at work, at home – but you get pushback when you do something to take care of yourself.
  • Your creativity wants to be reclaimed.
  • You refuse to give up what’s important to you anymore. 

In the decades of your achieving, you have left something worthy behind. Go back for it! Go forward with it. Start building it now. You know that of all of your accomplishments, your sacred capital is what matters now, and you are committed to letting it flourish.


What’s the benefit of answering the voice? Your happiness as you define the next stage of your life and your success. The fulfillment of living your life’s purpose, and letting yourself live out that deeply-held dream.

This life achievement is transformation. Transformation is the kind of cellular change that doesn’t turn back.

What’s possible for you? The voice inside you knows. I firmly believe that you already have the answers, in your skills, your awareness, your experience. My work is to help you listen, to help you make way for your sacred intelligence, and to manifest the full measure of your purpose.

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