Inner Affluence Manifesto

Inner Affluence was born out of a desire to dive head and heart first into my life at an age where our culture tends to put women “out to pasture.” Like so many businesswomen I interviewed about how it felt to be moving into midlife, I experienced an uptick in my personal power, and an undeniable need to rid myself of any beliefs or expectations that were not authentically mine.

I realized there needed to be a paradigm shift in the way we think about aging as a whole, but specifically how we think about women aging. It became non-negotiable – living my life with intention. And so I created this manifesto for you, the midlife woman:

Because you want to make this ONE life count, you will…

Believe. In. Possibility

Follow your passion – it knows where to go

Define on your own terms what success looks and feels like

Because the things that brought you joy in childhood still do, you will…

Honor your creativity. Engage your curiosity

Laugh, play, enJOY

Never stop learning (and failing)

Because you listen to the whispers inside, you will…

Trust your instincts

Listen to the authentic desire and claim what is honest and true

Hear and heed the WAKE-UP CALL – the voice of your inner purpose that can no longer be (silenced)

Because fear of failure is no longer a good enough reason to NOT do it, you will…

Carve your niche and make your own path


Be your own Shero

Because simple pleasures are so meaningful, you will…

Take time out often

Stop the free falling

Remember that simplicity is key

Because your body has served you so faithfully all these years, you will…

Nourish it in tandem with your mind and soul

MOVE more, stress less

Give yourself permission

Because the world needs your service, you will…

Own your innate gifts and talents

Be a change-maker, a catalyst

Hold the light for those who have yet to see the full measure of their power and purpose

Because you are willing to believe in the power of forgiveness, you will…

Forgive your own (weaknesses), find strength in your (vulnerabilities)

Allow yourself the grace to stand tall in the face of adversity

Celebrate compassion and courage

Because the silence has gone on long enough, you will…

Be the voice of authenticity and transparency 

Recognize that this tug at your conscience is your SACRED CAPITAL waiting to be tapped

Allow the juggling plates to fall, and inside the silence of a forced shut-down, your sacred capital grows louder

Because you are so blessed, you will…

Embrace the power of community; honor connection, diversity, collaboration

Continue to share whatever is yours to give, safe in the wisdom of prosperity thinking

Because you want, in the last days of your life, to remember this day, this year, this decade with tears of gratitude, you will…

Collect experiences, not things

Understand that spirituality has a p-u-l-s-e

Believe that transformation is an act of [R]evolution