On the surface, I’m the woman who looks like she has it all together. Successful career, happy family and wonderful friends. I’m a self help book junkie but this book seemed to speak to me directly. I’ve been contemplating a career change from my comfortable and well paid job to something that feeds my passion and the book has set me on the road to do that. I especially loved the purse exercise and was disappointed that I couldn’t do the fire exercise because I was on a plane. I need to figure out how to do it in an NYC apartment. Thank you Evelyn for great insights and more importantly for guidance on how to live a better life. – Michelle Ferguson, SVP

I originally hired Evelyn to coach me through a transition from employee to business owner/executive. Under her wing, I started the businesses I wanted to start, hit the sales goals I wanted to hit, and got the media attention I wanted to get. Most importantly, I grew as a person and learned the gentle art of self love and boundaries. Evelyn’s words and body of work have been invaluable to my business and personal development and I am eternally grateful for our time together. – Dawn Heller, Franchise Owner, iDropped

I emphatically recommend Evelyn as a women’s executive coach! She was highly effective in helping me reach a new level of professional development in my career. What I liked about my experience with Evelyn was how individualized it was, her excellent listening and questioning skills, how she held me accountable to the goals we set and, most importantly, her insight into what my triggers were for holding back, making excuses, and settling into fear when I didn’t want to push through on a difficult topic. Evelyn is inspiring, challenging and comforting all at the same time — a perfect combination. Evelyn is an outstanding coach who truly understands a woman’s unique needs in the workplace today. – Kendra Kett, Founder, Pinwheel Girls

Evelyn does two things in her coaching that I really appreciate. First, she asks me the kind of questions that prompt me to respond, “Gee, I never looked at it that way before. I’ll have to think about that.” And that inevitably leads me to one of those light bulb moments that can change everything in a heartbeat. Second, she’s not afraid to give me the feedback I need to hear. That doesn’t mean she tramples all over my feelings or passes judgment on me. Not at all. She is a skilled coach who knows how to put me front and center and give me the feedback I need to move forward. – Carol Chesney Hess

Evelyn is a consummate professional and one of the best communicators I know. A combination of truth telling, proven expertise, and high emotional intelligence make it a pleasure to do business with her. I trust that Evelyn’s coaching is top rate. She is in the top ten of people I’d want to partner with in business. – Rhonda Hess, Coaching Niche Mentor Coach

If you find yourself struggling between being Alpha Female of your pack and finding inner peace, Evelyn Kalinosky has the guidance for you. Her personal story of breakdown to breakthrough is one that every woman on the fast track must read. Her mantra, “When your profit motive is no longer just about money,” invites us to honestly look at how we’re treating ourselves, our bodies, and even our loved ones. With that truthful examination into ourselves, we can then take the steps to be successful while affirming our own significance. ~ Nancy Marmolejo, Business Strategist, Author, Speaker

Evelyn is capable of a level of integrity that I find especially rare.  She is accountable for herself, her work, and for the results she produces.  This critical competence allows her to produce unprecedented levels of trust with her clients and colleagues alike. She is warm and full of a genuine passion for transforming the lives of her clients, and embodies the rigorous pursuit of excellence in her work and her life. ~ Carole, Former Senior Vice President turned Artist

I began coaching with Evelyn when I was at loose ends about a new career direction. Now I’m building a solo venture, and she helps keep me focused and accountable – especially valuable as I don’t have a business partner, it’s all on me! Evelyn is a great listener. I trust her advice; she brings lots of experience and insight to her coaching. Her warm personality and thoughtful input make her a wonderful choice if you’re serious about working with a coach.  ~ C. I.

Malcolm Forbes has said that ‘Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are’. Evelyn uncovers the nasty gremlins that we all harbor inside – the ones that keep us from appreciating who we are and enjoying the lives we are meant to live. ~ Cathy Jennings, Owner and Chief Conversation Starter, No Pressure Networking 

Evelyn is the real deal. After going through her own breakdown, she transformed into a brilliant coach who guides and encourages you to transform your own breakdown into a breakthrough. She is indispensable for women who feel overwhelmed, under-fulfilled and like the hamster wheel just keeps spinning faster and faster. Part inspiration and part practical tools, Evelyn’s wisdom lets you know you’re not alone and gives you a guiding hand on your own transformational journey to your wealthy self. ~ Catherine Bruns, Wise Woman®

If I were to sum up Evelyn in a phrase, it would be “inspiring wisdom.” She inspires me to think bigger, to shed limitations, to feel good about myself and my inner development. She makes me feel my discomfort is actually a positive step on my way to the next break through. Her words are wise. They make profound sense – not just rational, logical head-kind of sense – they make sense based on my experience and what I know to be real, but that I didn’t fully recognize until the moment that she spoke them. ~ Jeri Quinn, President, Driving IR, www.DrivingImprovedResults.com

I am a small business owner who is feeling an inner need to make changes in my life and business. Evelyn not only acknowledged some of my deepest feelings as a working woman, but she also inspired me to take a good look at the parts of my life that aren’t working. I had been denying that I needed to make changes, but Evelyn inspired me to take the first small steps to a new life in business – one with meaning and fulfillment. Thank you, Evelyn! ~ Catherine Morris, Teaching Transformation Energy Techniques 

Evelyn and I have walked parallel paths, and it’s that journey that attracted me to her.  Evelyn has a gentle, empathic style of coaching that is soothing to the soul.  If you’ve not read her writings, you are truly missing out.  She has her finger on the pulse of what matters to those of us in the midlife glory of our lives.  Evelyn turns a cliche lifestyle into one we can all look forward to with grace and style. ~ Kim Gray, Owner, Emerging Virtual Assistance

Evelyn brings a fresh and exciting approach to coaching, ReCareering and the wonderful opportunities available to everyone approaching and experiencing midlife and beyond.  She is a talent, a visionary and a real treasure! ~ Viki Winterton, Founder, tce-thecoachexchange