Forget what you know about transformation. Forget what you think is possible. Transformation isn’t only about an act of evolution, it’s an act of [R]evolution at the cellular level.

Midlife Woman, Come Home to Yourself

How much easier would it have been if I’d had access to a program that dealt with midlife transitions as I was going through them? If I’d had the support of others who were going through their own turning point, or a mentor who could have helped me navigate through my old life and the new; who could have helped me to somehow successfully merge them both? That experience is what drives me in the coaching work I do with women in midlife. It’s my North Star, my touchpoint, a reminder that midlife is more a blessing than a crisis. It’s a sacred journey you take to yourself.

It’s a sacred journey you take to yourself

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When something in you asks ”Is this all there is?” life is calling you into the next evolution of you. You’ve outgrown what was. The next chapter is ready to be written. Greet it like the sacred door opening that it is.

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Hi, I’m Evelyn.

I mentor women through their unique turning points and help them cultivate extraordinary lives of passion and purpose in midlife and beyond. 

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Can you let go of what’s safe, what’s comfortable, what’s known to answer the call of your very own soul? What will you have to give up to be who you are meant to be? What stories will you have to let go of, stop leaning into in order to take the leap from living a life of expectation to a life of your soul’s calling?

On the surface, I’m the woman who looks like she has it all together. Successful career, happy family and wonderful friends. I’m a self help book junkie but this book seemed to speak to me directly. I’ve been contemplating a career change from my comfortable and well paid job to something that feeds my passion and the book has set me on the road to do that. I especially loved the purse exercise and was disappointed that I couldn’t do the fire exercise because I was on a plane. I need to figure out how to do it in an NYC apartment. Thank you Evelyn for great insights and more importantly for guidance on how to live a better life.

Michelle Ferguson, SVP

I emphatically recommend Evelyn as a women’s executive coach! She was highly effective in helping me reach a new level of professional development in my career. What I liked about my experience with Evelyn was how individualized it was, her excellent listening and questioning skills, how she held me accountable to the goals we set and, most importantly, her insight into what my triggers were for holding back, making excuses, and settling into fear when I didn’t want to push through on a difficult topic. Evelyn is inspiring, challenging and comforting all at the same time — a perfect combination. Evelyn is an outstanding coach who truly understands a woman’s unique needs in the workplace today.

Kendra Kett, Founder, Pinwheel Girls, LLC

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