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The Myth Of The C-Suite, Part 2

In Part 1, a number of different barriers that make up this labyrinth were identified: remnants of prejudice, resistance to women's leadership, leadership style, family life demands, and building professional relationships through networking. Only a small number of women have made the right combination of moves to arrive at the center of power, but for the rest there is no single turning point where their progress was diverted and the "prize" was lost.

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The Myth Of The C-Suite, Part 1

The truth is that women aren't turned away just as they reach the pinnacle of their career. They disappear in numerous ways leading up to that stage. The path to the C-suite is not a simple or direct path, but one that requires persistence, awareness of how they're progressing, and an ability to analyze the obstacles that lie ahead. For women who aspire to top leadership positions the routes exist, but just like a labyrinth, they are full of twists and turns - some that are expected and others that come without warning or direction.