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Is This All There Is?

The first time I asked the question: "Is this all there is?" I was sitting in my comfortable living room in my comfortable home, a stunning view of green trees and bright flowers outside my window. I was asking it at a time when I had a great job and loving husband and good health and fabulous friends. And yet, the question was there, certain and clear: "Is this all there is?"

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A Midlife Woman’s Journey to Being Fully Human

In our current culture so much credence is placed on positive thinking and the Law of Attraction and, of course, as a coach I've heard my fair share of well-known experts espousing the belief that we bring to our life what we really, truly want. I've even been known to tout these mantras a time or two (or three). But couched within these well-meaning belief systems is a more insidious message: That if bad things happen, somehow we've asked for it. And that's too close to blaming the individual for what are often experiences well beyond our control.