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The Myth Of The C-Suite, Part 1

The truth is that women aren't turned away just as they reach the pinnacle of their career. They disappear in numerous ways leading up to that stage. The path to the C-suite is not a simple or direct path, but one that requires persistence, awareness of how they're progressing, and an ability to analyze the obstacles that lie ahead. For women who aspire to top leadership positions the routes exist, but just like a labyrinth, they are full of twists and turns - some that are expected and others that come without warning or direction.

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The Damaging Myth of Work-Life Balance

Despite being used by some well-meaning and intelligent coaches, the term “work-life balance” actually does women more harm than good. Balance brings forth the image of a scale, and implies that true balance is achieved when both sides of the scale have equal amounts of weight on them. It implies a 50-50 split, with “professional life” on one side and “personal life” on the other, and most of us know that achieving exact balance between the two rarely, if ever, happens.

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Exit Stage Left: Women Execs Twice as Likely to Leave a Job Then Men

According to a study conducted by professors at Oregon State University’s College of Business, women executives are more than twice as likely as men to leave their jobs. This is the case despite the fact that women now dominate the number of university graduates across almost all fields, and that most women, before the age of 30, are not only experiencing more success than their male counterparts, but the amount of money they are making is higher as well.

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Women and the Face of Leadership

One of the obstacles along the career path to the C-suite has to do with leadership style. Women often struggle to develop an effective and appropriate leadership style, one that balances the "communal" qualities people would rather see in women with the "mover and shaker" qualities people think leaders need to be successful. Women are not "men in skirts," and there is the possibility that women who behave like men will be penalized. It's not easy for a woman to strike that authentic balance as a leader.

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Ciao, Auf Wiedersehen, Buona Sera: Saying Goodbye to Naysayers

But here's the thing - we tend to draw to us what we mirror. We might be telling ourselves and the world that we want to be successful, but in that deep, dark place on the inside we're convinced we're not worthy of the effort.

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Change the Filter on Toxic Thoughts and Go From Pain to Peace

When I find myself filled with thoughts of blame, shame and angst, I tell myself they're the reason I'm "suffering." But that isn't it at all. A thought in and of itself is harmless. It only becomes harmful when we believe it; when we become attached to it, and when we have a thought we've held on to for a really long time - sometimes for years - that thought becomes a belief.

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Women and Power: An Uncomfortable Pas De Deux

By authentic power, I mean the kind of power that is expanding and inclusive; the kind that enables us to stand up for ourselves and what we want in a way that isn't hostile, inflammatory or aggressive. The truth is, many women - even those women executives in high-level positions who are used to being in leadership positions - aren't in touch with their real power. We shy away from it. Try to deny it. It feels uncomfortable, like an itchy sweater that's too tight around the middle.

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Feeling Like a Fraud – Living With Imposter Syndrome

Despite all the accolades from her peers; despite all her skills and abilities, and her meteoric rise within the company, in her mind she believes it's only a matter of time before everyone discovers that she's "faking it." Rather than offering assurance, each new achievement and subsequent challenge only serves to intensify her ever-present fear of being found out.

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Is Resistance Derailing Your Goals? Ten Effective Success Habits for Business Women

Habit and repetition are what float the boat and after querying clients, colleagues and mentors, I've put together ten of the most effective success habits you can incorporate into the daily ritual of how you work. And how you get things done. Really and truly done. Imagine that?!