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Monday’s Muse: Where I’m From – A Look Inside the Inner Critic

What makes the Inner Critic difficult to see and root out is that quite often it’s been a part of your landscape from the very beginning. It feels so familiar and normal to you that it becomes strangely comfortable. Spotting your critical self-talk is just as crucial to your emotional health as detection and treatment of a debilitating disease is to your physical health.

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The Fear Funk

There are times in my life when, despite the significant changes I’ve made, I get in a funk. The truth is I sometimes lose that spark, that fire in the belly that fuels my passion. As is my usual method of dealing with being out of balance, I spend time in reflection - trying to sort out what’s holding me back; what’s holding me in place and preventing me from moving forward.

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Midlife Woman, You Can’t Own Someone Else’s Journey

New year. New resolutions you committed to that you may or may not be keeping, that may have gone by the wayside by Valentine's Day, followed by the inevitable guilt and brow-beating your Inner Critic gives you for not sticking to "the plan."

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How to Start Your Personal [R]evolution in 17 Bold Steps

That was the year as a midlife woman that I felt the undeniable call of my soul’s desire. That I felt the undeniable need to live with Intention, which meant casting aside so many things I’d been tolerating that were keeping me from becoming the woman I wanted to be. If you find yourself feeling this same sense of urgency, get ready to start your own [R]evolution™ by jettisoning these 17 things from your life. How many of them are you currently tolerating?

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Becoming Your Own Best Friend: Ridding Yourself of Your Inner Critic

Do you treat yourself as your own best friend - with compassion and caring - or do you fill your day with negative self-talk and self-critical messages? Are you more in touch with the things you feel are weaknesses about yourself than you are what makes you unique and special?

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What’s Up With Self-Sabotage?

Having the confidence to take risks and to stay the course when things feel daunting and scary begins with knowledge. Your very own "insiders knowledge" on how you really think and feel about things.  It starts with shining a light on your own saboteur;  getting to know what triggers it to show up; learning what it's dysfunctional little habits… Continue reading What’s Up With Self-Sabotage?