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Letting Go Of Perfection

This has been a rather interesting and reflective week. I am in the midst of a course that has us looking at what makes us unique and what values we bring to our clients and potential clients. It’s one of those things that I’ve never done well – being able to measure my worth in terms of what I am good at as opposed to pointing out those areas where I need to improve.

If I were to draw a line down the center of a piece of paper and write “Gifts” on one side and “Flaws” on the other side, I’m embarrassed to admit which side would fill up the fastest. Why is it that we are able to pick up on our faults so much easier than we are our skills, talents and abilities?

Judging by the number of women who responded passionately to my recent newsletter article about impostor syndrome, I know I am not alone in this struggle. We seem to have a difficult time honoring those things we do well, or we feel that we never do them well enough. What I’m coming to understand by going through this telecourse is that there really is no such thing as perfection. I know that on an intellectual level, but never really believed it on a heart level.  

Perfection is an elusive goal we stake our self-esteem to as a way to keep us from being fully engaged in life: I can’t ever start that business because my plan isn’t perfect. I can’t sell that piece of art, that piece of jewelry, that piece of furniture I spent hours and hours creating because of some minor, negligible flaw. Think about how many times and how many ways we stop short of our full glory by telling ourselves these lies.

I challenge you to join me this week to let go of perfection and be content – no, be ecstatic, with “good enough!”  

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