Self-Portrait in a Purse

Self-Portrait in a Purse

Although I have more purses than I’ll ever need or use in my lifetime, I tend to stay with the same one for months and months on end. I don’t subscribe to the outdated fashion rule that your purse should match your shoes.

Since I’m often rooting around in my mountain of a purse looking for a pen, it got me thinking that what’s in your purse is a self-portrait of sorts. The items tell a story; give others a glimpse into who and what you are. Are you organized? Are you a collector (a.k.a. hoarder like me)? Do you have a special place for each thing you carry, or does it all get dumped into the fray where everything fights for space and recognition? What do the contents say about what you value? Has what’s in your purse changed as you’ve moved into midlife? Does it accurately depict who you are today?

Here’s my self-portrait in a purse. When you’ve finished reading it, try creating one of your own. Let yourself tell a story about who you are based on the contents in your handbag. Have fun with it, but notice when, and if, any feelings surface as you write them down. Is what’s in your purse a true reflection of how you see yourself now?

Self-Portrait in a Purse

Sephora’s All You Need is Red lipstick in a tube

Keys to long forgotten locks, dangling on the head of a Steelers key chain

Crumpled, unused Kleenex

One lonely piece of Trident gum

Apple iPhone 13 and charger

Moleskin notebook filled with snippets of the next great novel

Cloth face mask. Cotton. Black.

Freedom-Lite glucose meter, test strips, glucose tablets

Hairbrush laced with strands of gray hair and a single strand of auburn

Dog-eared photographs of two once young children

Reminders of ”why” there are gray hairs

Loose change, enough for a cup of tea

One Victoria’s Secret coupon good for 20% off all lingerie. One day only. Expired.

Feeling courageous? Post your self-portrait here in the comments section.

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