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Perfection & Procrastination: Two Sides Of The Same Coin


So many high-achieving business women strive for this impossible state of being. But trying to do things perfectly takes much more than it can ever give: It robs your time, energy and sanity and doesn’t make you happier or richer. 

But there’s a way out.

10 ways in fact.  

My colleague and friend, Rhonda Hess, reveals in her article on perfectionism: “If there’s a scale of perfectionism I was once a 10. But now I’m closer to a 5. By necessity my coaching business trained me out of it. I realized that if I wanted to earn more and work less that expedience is key. I saved a lot of time and aggravation by relaxing standards where they truly didn’t matter.

Click here to read the full article 10 Ways to Break Free from Perfection where Rhonda looks at the causes, costs and cures of perfection, and how it directly relates to procrastination.

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