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Letting Go Of Those Who Don’t Support You

If I had to point out one of the most significant changes in my life over the past few years that’s accounted for my growth, both professionally and personally, it’s that I’ve cleaned house and said goodbye to those people in my life who weren’t willing or able to support me. 

I’m not talking about blind support and “yes” people who tell me only what I want to hear. Support and honesty are wrapped tightly together in my book, but there’s a difference between the kind of “honesty” some people seem determined to share with me that’s less honesty and more negativity, and the honesty that includes thoughtful feedback which points out possible pitfalls or challenges in my thinking. The former is a tether that holds me back from flying; the latter is the wind that enables me to soar. 

It wasn’t an easy decision or process to let go of these relationships. Many of them had roots going back 30 years or more. Some were family. Some were high school friends. Some were close friends from later in life who began to pull back as I was beginning to break free. 

Despite the pain and the feeling of loss that comes with letting go, it’s critical to your well-being and your journey to your authentic life that you surround yourself with positive, supportive, and yes – cheerleader-types who will rally you on as you grow and expand, and grab the reins of your life between your teeth. 

Are you ready to build a more authentic life? Check out my book: [R]evolution: A Soulful and Practical Guide to Creating the Life You Want and start your journey.

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