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Like a Pebble in a Pond

Drop a pebble in a still pond and watch the pebble travel out in an ever expanding ring.

The pond is the world; your heart is the pebble. 

Don’t question whether or not you make an impact on the world.

Know that you do.

Just like the pebble in the pond.

The question is what kind of impact are you making?  

Are you living the life only you are meant to live?

Or are you living the life you’ve been conditioned to live?

If you’ve discovered true synergy, you know that it can be one and the same, but if you’re like so many of us, the answer is that the two are woefully disparate.

How do you bridge that gap?

You probably can’t. And that’s okay. It’s all about finding your way back to center – back to the one and only authentic life you’re meant to live NOW, not someday…  

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